IIot Equipment Monitoring

Minimize business disruptions with equipment monitoring and predictive analytics

The threat of a mechanical failure shutting down a production line can keep most plant managers awake at night.  Disrupted production, idle workers and the associated costs are the stuff of nightmares. 

The good news for you is, events like these may not be typical for much longer. We’ve entered the age of predictive analytics, using real-time data collected through wireless monitoring to identify patterns that help you not only intervene on imminent breakdowns, but also predict future events.

FORECYTE™, a stand-alone remote equipment monitoring platform powered by Nidec, uses battery powered wireless sensors to measure equipment vibration and temperature.  This real-time data visualizes deteriorating equipment health.  You can access the data anytime from anywhere using a browser on a web-enabled device.

FORECYTE enables you to minimize unexpected downtimes and loss of production by providing you with a solution that is based on simplicity, reliability, connectivity and diagnostic intelligence.


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