Vertical Motors

Vertical motors that have been revolutionizing the industry since 1922

Vertical motors revolutionized the pumping industry back in 1922 – thanks to the introduction of our U.S. MOTORS® brand vertical HOLLOSHAFT® motor. Nidec, as the world’s most comprehensive maker of electric motors, continues to produce innovative vertical motors today. These motors provide key benefits to those who use them, including convenience, cost-effectiveness and reliability.

Convenience comes from eliminating the need for a separate mechanical gearbox. Having fewer pieces of equipment translates to easier installation and increased room. It’s also easier to align the motor shafts with the driven equipment, resulting in reduced vibration. Cost-effectiveness comes thanks to fewer parts and more efficient operation. Reliability comes courtesy of the fact that vertical motors are designed specifically for pumping applications. They deliver exceptional reliability and durability, keeping pumping processes running smoothly for long periods of time.



The LEROY-SOMER™ brand started manufacturing products back in 1919 in France. Well-known for its electric motors, drives and alternators, this innovative company produces first-class motors trusted the world over. If a stock motor won’t quite do, our expert engineers can deliver a LEROY-SOMER brand vertical motor you can rely upon for energy-efficiency and dependability.



The U.S. MOTORS brand has built a reputation for manufacturing quality motors since we first started in Los Angeles, California over a century ago. Our HOLLOSHAFT and solid shaft vertical motors have been pioneering the pumping industry since 1922, and our vertical motors are just as groundbreakingly energy-efficient today as they were back then.