IEC Motors

IEC motors that keep your processes running smoothly

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) sets the standards for motor efficiency, size and power output. Nidec Motor Corporation has been manufacturing IEC motors for many years under various first-class brands, taking pride in designing energy-efficient and durable IEC motors our customers can depend on. We provide both stock motors and IEC motors that are customized to a customer’s exact specifications.



Under our LEROY-SOMER™ brand, Nidec Motor Corporation has been producing superior products since 1919. Back when the LEROY-SOMER brand first started in France, it quickly built a reputation for delivering high-quality alternators, motors and drive systems. Fast forward to now, and the LEROY-SOMER brand creates IEC motors that pack a powerful punch – delivering both energy-efficiency and dependability. These two qualities mean we provide products you can trust to keep your own processes running reliably.



The U.S. MOTORS® brand first began rolling out high-quality products in 1908, and Nidec Motor Corporation continues this brand’s fine tradition of motor craftsmanship today. Customers who need IEC-compliant motors can trust the products we deliver to be not only energy-efficient but also reliable. Our IEC motors can help keep processes running smoothly, no matter what specific industry applications they are fulfilling. You’ll save money in energy-efficiency and maintenance downtime by using our products, making this a win-win situation.