Chiropractic Table Case Study

Chiropractic Table


Chiropractic care is a form of alternative medicine concerned with mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system. This particular manufacturer wanted a table that would let the caregiver raise and lower the leg of a patient to exercise it after an injury. Typically the injury was severe enough that the patient could not move their leg without aid.

At the beginning and the end of the session, the design engineer wanted the leg support to stop at a horizonal position so the patient could easily get on and off the table. They also wanted the ability to disable this feature if the caregiver wanted to stop the leg at a particular non-horizontal position. This manufacturer also wanted a timing function, and the ability to control the speed of this treatment based on the size and comfort of the patient.


To facilitate this, KB offered the KBVF-13 Hybrid Drive. It let the manufacturer use a rugged, efficient 3 phase, 230 Vac induction motor and they power it with a normal 115 Vac plug. This eliminated the need to hire an electrician to provide a special outlet. This microprocessor based control became the heart of the system.

KB allowed for speed control with a simple potentiometer. The manufacturer used a reed switch to provide an input to indicate the horizontal position. Another input was used to enable or disable the home position feature. A final input was used to select duration of the treatment.

The KB design team modified the standard software to provide a pre-programmed “Out of the Box” solution that was easily imbedded into their design. Their table enclosure provided finger safety to eliminate unnecessary costs. They asked, KB listened and brought a unique design to life.

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