Misting Pumps Case Study

Misting Pumps


Misting Systems Pumps are used for a variety of applications; from keeping customers cool on a restaurant patio during hot summer months to maintaining the environment for livestock on a farm. The manufacturer for this case study wanted the ability to automate the process for different misting systems and eliminate the need for user action.Misting systems typically have multiple zones, capable of being turned on and off individually. The misting pump speed must be varied to maintain constant pressure regardless of how many zones are operating.


We resolved the problem by using a transducer to monitor the pressure in the misting system. The KBAC Drive regulates the tension with a custom closed-loop control regardless of any changes. Also, the customer benefited from using KB's auxiliary power supply for the transducer saving them the cost of sourcing a separate power supply.

The manufacturer also wanted proper timing, safety, and diagnostic features to enhance their product further and the tools to quickly get their end users set up and running in a timely fashion. KB achieved all of this with custom built-in software. 

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