Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report

What is the Gender Pay Gap Report?


The gender pay gap is the difference between the average hourly earnings of men and women across a workforce. This report is mandatory for all organisations with more than 250 employees. If, in an organisation, women do more of the less well paid jobs than men, then the gender pay gap is bigger. 

UK and Northern Ireland Nidec Industrial Automation UK Limited and Nidec Control Techniques Ltd. Employees:


Control Techniques, a Nidec brand, has been at the front of customer-focused drive technology for over 45 years. We're dedicated to the advancement of automation. As of 2017 we’re now part of Nidec Corporation, with operations in over 40 countries, connected to approximately 300 companies who employ over 110,000 people.

We're committed to comply with all laws and regulations and act based on noble business ethics. Respecting basic human rights and banning discriminatory treatments is a core value we strongly believe in. Based on the understanding that the most important management resource of a company is its human resource, we endeavor to create comfortable work environments, in which all Nidec Group executives and employees can feel their work is worthwhile and fully exercise their abilities.


The Gender Pay Gap report at 5th April 2017:


The Bonus and Pay difference between women and men:

  Mean Pay Gap  Median Pay Gap
Hourly Pay  Women's mean hourly rate is 25.7% lower than men's Women's median hourly rate is 33.7% lower than men's
Bonus Women's mean bonus pay is 53.8% lower than men's Women's median bonus pay is 22.4% lower than men's


The proportion of women and men receiving a bonus before 5th April 2017:

Women  Men
Bonus 81% 81%


The pay quartile as of 5th of April 2017:


  Top Quartile Upper Middle Quartile  Lower Middle Quartile  Lower Quartile
Women 14% 24% 27% 42%
Men 86% 76% 73% 58%


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