PROFINET network capability

SI-PROFINET allows Control Techniques general purpose and servo drives to communicate and interface with PROFINET PLCs and networks.

Features include:

  • Dual 100 BASE-TX RJ45 connectors with support for shielded twisted pair, full-duplex 100 Mbps connectivity with auto crossover correction
  • Integrated switches allow for use of line networks i.e. daisy chaining
  • Both ports operate in full duplex mode as a network switch PROFINET Real-time class RT_Class_1 and conformance class A
  • Cycle times from 2 ms to 512 ms specified during configuration
  • Automatic device replacement using the LLDP and DCP protocols
  • LED indication of network port activity
  • Up to 64 cyclic I/O module slots (maximum of 32 in and 32 out) configured by network configuration tool and GSDML file Identification and maintenance functions I&M0 to I&M4 supported

Drive Compatibility

This module operates with: Unidrive M, Commander C, Digitax HD and the specialist Pump and HVAC Drive families.

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