PTi210 PowerTools Integration Module
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Get your servo application up and running within minutes with our next generation of Motion Made Easy for Digitax HD and Unidrive M servo drives. The PTi210 enables Control Techniques’ PowerTools Studio software interface.PTi210 Module Motion Made Easy

Easy to Use - No specialised skills required to setup and execute motion - no coding!
Reliable and Economical - less labour and components to integrate motion
Flexible - one setup process for a wide range of motion applications  

PTi210 PowerTools integration module

PTi210 is a cost effective way to provide simple, fast and effective motion control solutions with PowerTools Studio configuration software.

  • 5 high speed digital I/O points (3 inputs & 2 outputs) in addition to the on-board drive I/O
  • 1.5 axis synchronised encoder following with an optional encoder system integration module
  • Rapid integration for applications such as:
> Conveyor Synchronisation
> Parts Alignment
> Rotary Knife
> Electronic Gearing
> Phase Synchronisation
> Slip Compensation
> Feed to Sensor/Torque
> Point-To-Point Positioning
> Thermoforming
> Flying Cutoff
> Product Spacing
> Traverse Winding
> Labeling and Printing
> Random Infeed Control
> Web Control
> Multi-Lane Merge Control
> Registration Control
........and many more! 

PowerTools Studio software

PowerTools Studio SoftwarePowerTools Studio provides an unparalleled setup and commissioning experience suitable for all skill levels. Professional motion control software engineers, infrequent users, or someone with no servo experience can equally use this interface to program drives.

Easily program the Digitax HD or Unidrive M using a Modbus RTU serial port or on-board Ethernet depending on your model.

Simple configuration and programming visual interface
> Fill-in-the-blank
> Point-and-Click
> Drop down menu selection
> Drag-and-Drop parameters and I/O assignments

Instant access to all parameters through the project tree view. 

Download PowerTools Studio Software

PowerTools Studio and the five steps to Motion Control


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