Digitax ST - Pulse Duty Servo Drive Range

High dynamic performance servo drive range

Digitax ST Servo Drives

0.72 Nm (6.4 lb-in) to 18.8 Nm (166.5 lb-in) 

(Peak 56.4 Nm / 499.6 lb-in)

200V / 400V

Digitax ST is a dedicated servo drive optimized for pulse duty. The servo drive is available in five variants, and is designed to meet the demands of modern manufacturers for smaller, more flexible and higher performing machinery.

  • Maximize throughput with superior motor control
  • Reduce cabinet size with compact drive design
  • Flexible machine design with option modules
  • Reduce development time
  • Quicker installation
  • Reduce commissioning time

Digitax ST Base

For integration with centralized motion controllers

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Digitax ST Ethercat

Built in EtherCAT

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Digitax ST Indexer

Easy to use, point-to-point positioning

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Digitax ST EZ Motion

For synchronized motion applications

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Digitax ST Plus

Advanced motion functionality i

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