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What products can you provide training on?

A prospectus detailing many of our training courses can be found here. If the particular course that you are looking for cannot be found, please call us on 01686 612900 and ask. New courses are continually being developed and some older courses that are no longer listed may still exist.

Can you provide tailored training courses?

Yes! If the standard product training course does not meet your needs we can provide course built around modules of your choosing. This way you can ensure that your specific requirements are met and you can get the most out of the course.

The instructors at the Control Techniques Academy are happy to discuss training requirements and are always very keen to visit sites and applications in order to have a better idea of how to tailor a course.

Where will the training take place?

In almost any suitable location. Courses can take place at the Control Techniques Academy in Newtown. It is a purpose built training facility that has been specifically created to aid learning in a relaxed atmosphere away from the normal place of work. It is equipped with working products enabling delegates to receive real 'hands on’ training.

However, taking employees away from production sensitive environments is not always desirable. For this reason, much of the training equipment is mobile and can therefore be taken to almost any location in the UK and overseas.

What time do I need to arrive?

Unless otherwise arranged, please arrive at 9:00am for registration on the first day of the course. Course times are largely flexible and can usually accommodate delegates’ travel arrangements.

Courses tend to run between 9:00am and 16:30pm each day. However this can be adjusted to suit requirements. Please arrange this with your instructor either before or during the training course.

Who will be my Instructor?

The dedicated Instructors at the Control Techniques Academy deliver almost all the training at the CT Academy. They are all professionally qualified and have strong engineering backgrounds and product knowledge.

On occasion, the Control Techniques Academy will call on the services of an expert from the neighbouring R&D or support department who can provide high level technical support and specialist training. They particularly enjoy hearing feedback from customers who have used the products that they are developing.

Are lunch and refreshement provided?

Refreshments and a buffet style lunch will be provided by the Control Techniques Academy. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements that need to be considered before commencement of the course.

What do I need to wear?

Delegates are kindly requested to dress sensibly for the training and to avoid potentially unsafe clothing such as ties, shorts or inappropriate footwear.

Where do you recommend that we stay during our visit?

Hotel information no longer features on this website as prices, deals and reputations often change. There are many places to stay in the area however and the internet usually makes the 'finding and booking process' very easy. If you are struggling or would like some advice, please call us and we will be very happy to impart our local knowledge and help you arrange something.

What do I leave the training course with?

All delegates that complete a course will receive a certificate verifying that they have done so. Copies of the presentation slides and manuals can also be taken either in hard copy or electronically if more convenient (overseas travellers). Copies of certain software tools can also be acquired on certain courses. Most importantly, delegates will leave the training course with enhanced and vital knowledge that will greatly assist them in their profession.

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