SI-BACnet IP - Seamless integration and maximum building comfort
06 June 2024

As part of Nidec Drives’ continuous evolution of drive technology, their new Control Techniques SI-BACnet IP option module provides enhanced control and maximum efficiency in building automation systems, ensuring accurate and co-ordinated operation to boost occupant comfort.

The Control Techniques SI-BACnet IP option module provides high speed Ethernet-based communication for their flexible Commander C and Specialist Pump Drive F600 & HVAC Drive H300 families. This offers a scalable range of feature sets and performance levels to meet a wide range of fan, pump and compressor application needs. As a result, multiple applications controlled by Control Techniques drives throughout a building can be integrated together for simple and convenient centralized control. It’s worth noting that the HVAC Drive H300 also provides BACnet MS/TP onboard as standard.

Leveraging BACnet IP’s advanced features enhances energy efficiency, contributing to the sustainable and cost-effective operation of building management systems. Control Techniques drives can control a wide range of induction and permanent magnet motors, with the most efficient meeting IE5 efficiency levels. With Commander C and Specialist drive ranges controlling multiple applications within a building using a BACnet IP network, each contributes to overall energy savings providing short ROI payback periods.

Dual Ethernet ports on the module and plug-and-play integration ensure robust and reliable communications, minimizing downtime, and maximizing operational continuity. All drives compatible with SI-BACnet IP also benefit from a free 5-year warranty, so users can be reassured of maximum comfort for building occupants with minimal input required from onsite service staff. 

Nidec Drives’ scalable BACnet solutions adapt to the changing needs of building automation system requirements, providing all the options needed to grow networks efficiently without affecting performance.

SI-BACnet IP enables user commands and provides motor data references to the drive, as well as supplying process values or setpoints to the drive’s PID controller. Drive status information can also be retrieved, while analog and digital I/O can be easily monitored and controlled. Resetting drive faults is also possible, along with drive commissioning using the intuitive Connect PC commissioning tool.

Key supported features include data sharing using multiple read and write commands, alarm access through value changes, remote device management with password protection and time synchronization.

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