Intelligent Pump Control
Intelligent Pump Control for Wastewater

It is common for wastewater / sewage pumps to pick up and collect fibrous materials that lead to frequent pump blockages, known in the industry as 'Ragging'. In the worst case, this can happen several times each day. Clearing a pump is a costly, dirty and unpleasant task requiring a maintenance team and frequently a crane.

Control Techniques’ Intelligent Pump Control (IPC) system offers an effective solution to ragging through detecting the early signs of blockages and taking action to automatically clear the problem. Pumps are maintained in a cleaner state which delivers further improvements in other key pump performance measures including pump reliability, up-time and energy efficiency.

Our case studies demonstrate the opportunity available to water companies to realize significant cost savings associated with operating their assets while improving customer service, pump throughput and availability.

Energy efficient intelligent pump control system for automatic pump blockage detection and prevention in dirty water pumping systems using the Unidrive M.


Control Techniques’ IPC system accurately monitors pump performance by ‘live’ continuous measurement of torque producing current, plus flow and pump speed where appropriate. The live data is compared to measured values taken during commissioning, plus expected pump profile characteristics. Any ‘out of profile’ performance is instantly detected, giving an early warning indication of ragging. Should the pump 'out of profile' performance extend the profile settings, an automatic drive based cleansing cycle is initiated to clear the pump impeller.

Totally embedded within the drive, Control Techniques have developed two IPC options, the SI-IPC for use with Unidrive M700/M701 with an SI-Apps-Plus module and MCi-IPC for use with a MCi210 module, to meet the needs of the broadest range of pump applications.

IPC Solution

Fully featured multi-pump control with anti-ragging program, duty control, under-load protection and cleansing routines.

Compatible with the majority of telemetry systems, a watchdog feature generates an alarm if a problem is detected.

The Intelligent Pump Control solutions have the following features:

  • Finest measurement of ‘true’ torque.
  • Dry run detection.
  • Multiple pump features.
  • Multiple cleaning features.
  • Efficiency diagnostic.
  • Flow calculation.
  • Pump efficiency calculation.
  • Pump availability.
  • HMI /Software package setup.
  • Fully configurable.
  • Expandable.