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Sustainable & Highly Efficient Water Management
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Deliver water efficiently on or off-grid

Pump water without the need for an electricity source using the latest solar pump solution from Control Techniques, whether your need is to reduce operational costs, improve water security, or be more sustainable.

Applications involving the flow of water in remote areas, where unreliable or no electricity source is available, need a solution that will deliver reliability, efficiency, and a reduced energy requirement. Using solar power means that a pumping system can be installed almost anywhere, irrespective of power infrastructure availability and the associated costs. Harnessing the sun’s natural energy is the most effective way to overcome the challenges of getting water where it needs to be when it needs to be there. 

Where we come in

Depending on the scale of the solution required, both Commander C and Unidrive M600 drive ranges provide a cost-effective and scalable set of features to meet solar pump requirements. Each deliver individual levels of power, communications, and specification capabilities across simple fixed speed to PID controlled pumping. Simply order the standard drive that best meets your application requirements, download Connect commissioning software with the Solar Pump Solution embedded and use the wizard to set up.

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How will you benefit?

If weather conditions aren’t favorable, the drive will automatically select the AC power source, e.g. grid or generator, or a hybrid, to ensure the most efficient continued pump operation. With an environmentally friendly, pollution and noise-free solution all the features you’ll need are already programmed into the drive. You’ll see the benefits in reduced running costs, lower energy requirements and a quick return on investment. 


  Reduce energy, extend life-cycle
On average, 85% of a pump’s life-cycle cost is attributed to its energy consumption, therefore, optimizing energy usage can mean a significant reduction in the total cost of ownership. Along with enabling the use of solar power, our drives thrive on delivering more efficient ways of operating your variable torque application.
  Reduce risk
Control Techniques’ Solar Pump Solution offers a host of dedicated features including dry-run prevention, pipe fill, pump cleaning and level switch control including control modes covering both single & parallel pump configurations. These embedded features will reduce operational risk and protect your pump for longer.
  Speaks your language
You don't need to be a drive specialist to set-up the Solar Pump Solution. Our Connect programming and commissioning tool makes this simple, with easy-to-follow guided pages. Our approach to clear parameter naming and structuring and the use of familiar terminology ensures an intuitive user-friendly solution.
  Drive for all motors
Our M600 drives are the perfect match for the most efficient motors on the market today, meeting IE5 efficiency levels, such as the Nidec Leroy-Somer Dyneo+ hybrid permanent-magnet motor. Our drives give you choice, to choose your preferred motor, with the confidence that the M600 drive range will enhance its performance and save you money every day.


Typical Solar Pump Systems


Power options for maximum efficiency

Hassle-free power flexibility for continuous operation

Control Techniques Solar Pump Solution provides reliable pump control, no matter what the weather. Once set-up, the drive can be configured to automatically connect to an AC power source for operation outside daylight hours or as a ‘Hybrid’ System, blending Solar & AC to achieve maximum benefit of your solar investment without affecting performance. 

Flexible power solutions 

  • AC only
  • DC only
  • Hybrid AC or DC
    • Requires indication when AC supply is connected

Dedicated power supply features

  • Handling for irradiation sensor to apply AC
  • DC bus controller for DC from PV Array
  • DC pre-charge 

System optimization

Whether it’s the solar, grid/generator or hybrid supply powering the pump, full control of the system is ensured with the following features:

  • DC bus control loop
  • MPPT
  • Low irradiation start/stop
  • AC applied logic
  • PV controlled stop ramp
  • Restart delay timer

Simple commissioning for hassle-free, efficient installation

Connect is an application-focused software designed with dedicated pump functions that mean optimum performance can be achieved straight out of the box. Features include:

  • Auto and Manual control from keypad, switched input or Control word.
  • Tank full switch control
  • PID control, setpoints, feedback, alarm and trip
  • Dry Well
  • Open and closed loop including sensorless operation
  • State display
  • Wake and sleep system for PID control
  • No Flow (switch)
  • Pump control, status and alarm
  • Pipe fill (for PID operation)
  • Flow & Volume estimation
  • Cascade control
  • Pump to volume Threshold

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