EV Traction Motor

Electric Vehicle drive motor with gearbox

EV Traction Motor

Torque Capacity: Up to 13,000 Nm
Gear Ratios: Up to 125:1 Ratio
Radial Load: Up to 10,000 Lbs.
IP Rating: IP65
Rated Voltages: 208V – 460V

Nidec Motion’s EV Traction Motor can output up to 13,000 Nm of torque with the integrated gearbox, and can also handle an impressive 10,000 lb. radial load. The Nidec EV Traction Wheel was designed to eliminate the need for drive shafts and axles, while also providing more flexibility with your equipment’s powertrain. The integrated brakes provide 100 Nm of brake torque for this robust IP 65 configuration. This high torque motor utilizes a sinusoidal design, which helps it produce smooth acceleration curves in applications such as agricultural equipment, mobile cranes, aerial lifts, and road building equipment.

Please refer to the EV Traction Motor product data sheet or Contact Us for additional information.

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