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Motor/Gearbox/Wheels with Matching Drive
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AGV Kits

Building robots is faster and easier than ever before with Nidec Motion Control’s AGV Kits! Our kits include integrated Motor/Gearbox/Wheels with a matching, pre-configured and tuned motor controller to carry payloads of 500KG, 1000KG or 2000KG depending on the kit. 


AGV’s need two motors to move and steer. Nidec Motion Control is able to make this work with a single controller versus two. Compared to the traditional One Motor/One Controller approach, the Dual Channel is simpler, cheaper, safer and easier to integrate and maintain. Two controllers can even team up to drive 4 motors to move Omnidirectional Robots.


Ideal for applications such as:

  • AGVs
  • Small Electric Vehicles
  • Terrestrial and Underwater Robotic Vehicles
  • Hazardous Material Handling Robots
  • Balancing Robots

AGV Kits contain:

  • 2 x AGV motors (includes VRLZ090 gearbox + AGV wheel)
  • 1 x Dual channel drive
  • 1 x Drive control cable

Integrated Motor/Gearbox/Wheels with matching preconfigured and tuned motor controller

Part Number Frame Motor Size (mm) Robot Size (kg) Brake
089gLDA300ROB 89 600 No
089LDA30XROB 89 600 Yes
142LDA300ROB 142 2000 No
142LDA30XROB 142 2000 Yes


Part Number Frame Motor Size (mm) Robot Size (kg) Brake Motor Controller Ethernet
AGV089A01 89 1000 No FBL2360T No
AGV089A01E 89 1000 No FBL2360TE Yes
AGV089A02 89 1000 Yes FBL2360T No
AGV089A02 89 1000 Yes FBL2360TE Yes
AGV089A03 89 1000 No FBL2360T No
AGV089A03E 89 1000 No FBL2360TE Yes
AGV089A04 89 1000 Yes FBL2360T No
AGV089A04E 89 1000 Yes FBL2360TE Yes

To order your AGV Kit, please visit our RoboteQ brand website.


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