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We’re a company of engineers at Nidec – shameless visionaries and pioneers with classic “pocket‑protector” tendencies who passionately work to create the horizon technologies of tomorrow, today.  One of our major areas of expertise is in the development of sophisticated motors and motor controllers for industrial, autonomous, and collaborative robots. Our total mechanical solution includes features like custom housings, high resolution encoders, precision gearing, magnetic guide sensors, optical flow motion sensors, and optimized battery management systems. Working in tandem with our motors, our motor controllers deliver precise motion control, maximize battery life and reduce power consumption in compact, yet robust profiles.

We collaborate with OEMs on big ideas, big dreams and big deals. Whether it’s for agriculture, warehouse logistics, or any manner of industrial automation – we bring our Nidec know‑how to your robotic applications with unapologetic geeky gusto. We’re looking to the horizon – and it looks very, very promising. Please contact us when you’re ready to go there. 

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