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Nidec's vast network of research and development resources is a differentiator when designing solutions to meet your manufacturing requirements. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) require products that are tested and designed to meet high industry standards and the customer expectations alike. Rest assured knowing our engineers have decades of experience in creating products that power and control everything that spins and moves. Our solutions draw from our vast selection of brushless DC motors, precision servos, ultra-low voltage drives and gearboxes.

We pride ourselves on the ability to forge solutions for the most challenging application requirements while exceeding customer expectations. Nidec designs OEM machine manufacturing systems that meet customer specifications and deliver the efficiency and reliability you require. We are happy to discuss customizing a solution to suit your requirements, whether that involves utilizing OEM machine motors, drives or gearboxes. Contact Us to be put in touch with our engineers and find quality solutions for your OEM machine manufacturing needs.


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