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“All for Dreams” – this is the Nidec company slogan.  Dreams are the core driver at Nidec, and this means your dreams as well.  If you have dreams of awe-inspiring automation, robust robotics, or other innovative ideas in motion, Nidec’s Automation team can support you in the development of a customized solution.

We’re here to help – we have access to the entire network of Nidec products and engineers to bring you hundreds of years of electric motor expertise that extends to a vast array of motor types such as brushless DC motors, AC and DC servo motors, and frameless motors, to name a few. As a development partner with our customers, our team provides innovative solutions for some of the most challenging and demanding motor, gearmotor and drive applications.  We design and mass manufacture sophisticated electric motors and drives/controllers for AGVs, AMRs, robotics, HVLS fans, and marine applications, among others. We supply individual components as well as fully integrated units, like drive assemblies, for example, which incorporate a brushless DC motor, high precision reduction gears, sensors and electronic controls.

Nidec strives for personalized service and is a true partner throughout the lifecycle of your product. We’re the world’s most comprehensive electric motor manufacturer; and we’ve achieved this distinction through our customer-centric approach.  You will have a dedicated project team from concept to design, and from rapid prototyping to production. Our engineering teams focus on delivering the right mechanical package for your application, either by leveraging diverse standard platforms or providing a customized solution.  Backed by over 300 companies in more than 30 countries, our engineers deliver a quality product at the right cost.

Even though this is an “About Us” page, we hope you appreciate that it’s all about YOU.  We fully understand that if it weren’t for “you,” there would be no “us” and this knowledge profoundly affects the way we work. At Nidec, we’re interested in your dreams and goals – and we’re ready to help you reach the horizon technologies of tomorrow, today. Now is the time to fulfill your dreams.

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