Material Handling and Warehouse Automation
Next-Generation Solutions for Modern Logistics Challenges
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Nidec provides motors to help your material handling efforts, whether you are moving one pound or a thousand. We have vast experience with industrial automation and work with industry leaders to create next-generation solutions for modern logistics challenges. Our large assortment of AC servo motors, DC servo motors and brushless DC motors can be tailored to suit the size and scale of almost any operation. Nidec’s material handling motors are complemented by our strong competency in the autonomous guided vehicle (AGV) and warehouse shuttle markets.

Nidec's warehouse shuttle drive systems provide the flexibility to handle a wide variety of demanding speed and weight capacity requirements. Our reputation for performance, quality and reliability is evident within the integrated motor, gearbox and electronic drive packages designed for warehouse shuttle use. Direct drive and geared models are available with the option to add integrated encoders, electronic brakes and custom mounting configurations to suit your pallet shuttle automation needs.

A popular solution to material handling applications is our integrated drive motors. Nidec integrated drive motors consist of an ultra-low voltage (ULV) drive with a servo or brushless DC motor, as well as a gearbox.

We bring our expertise in designing material handling systems to help improve your bottom line. Our experience with AGVs, warehouse shuttles, conveyors and automatic palletizers can help reduce your development timeline, while also producing a safe and efficient solution. Feel free to Contact Us to get more information or inquire about your specific material handling equipment requirements.


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