HRW 3.3 Series
Versatile, Efficient and Affordable Electronically Commutated Servo
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Nidec Motor Corporation's HRW 3.3 motor platform provides a high level of customization, while also utilizing standardized components to facilitate competitive pricing. Used in applications ranging from agriculture to robotics, the Nidec HRW 3.3 motor platform satisfies a wide range of performance requirements. Designed for modular integration with Nidec drives and gearboxes, the HRW 3.3 motor platform is a versatile product that can be tailored to suit your requirements. This versatility has allowed the HRW 3.3 to succeed in diverse markets, such as robotics, AGVs, medical applications, pumps, mail processing equipment, gate openers, agriculture and material handling.

The HRW 3.3 is a highly efficient brushless platform with a peak torque of 4.94 Nm and up to 1200 W of rated power. Integrated drive, a compact integrated encoder and custom mounting options allow you to get the specific features you need. The motor has variants to suit the level of ingress protection and cooling that you require, such as totally enclosed, vented and totally enclosed fan cooled. The HRW 3.3 also allows for deeper customization, such as custom windings, custom hardware, wheel options and a wide selection of gear ratios.

The HRW 3.3 provides affordable servo control with over 20,000 hours of design life at the rated torque. Please refer to the HRW 3.3 product data sheet or Contact Us to discuss your application specific questions.

Power: Up to 1200 Watts (higher ratings available)
Horsepower Rating: Up to 1.5 HP
Peak Torque: Up to 4.94 Nm
Speed Range: Up to 18,000 RPM
Mounting: NEMA 34, NEMA 100 or customized
Rated Voltages: 12V – 48V, 115/230V
Encoder Options: 100 – 1000 line available


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