SU Series

SU Series

Rated Voltages: 12Vdc – 60Vdc
Power: 200W or 400W (Higher Power Ratings available upon request)
Ratios: Standard 21:1 or 28:1

The SU Series platform facilitates easy customization of an industrial AGV drive wheel system with a compact, modular system. This platform is ideal for customers that want a customized solution, without the higher costs that typically accompany customization. The motor comes in ratings of 200 W or 400 W, with higher ratings available upon request.

The gearbox has ratio options of 21:1 or 28:1, and each option utilizes a gearbox that is integrated into the wheel for an ultra-compact design. Encoders are also integrated into the design, with resolutions ranging from 100ppr to 1000ppr. Additional information can be found on the SU Platform product data sheet.

Please Contact Us if you would like to discuss customizing the SU platform to match your specific requirements.

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