Marine AquaForce M Series

High-efficiency brushless DC motor platform for Marine Applications

Marine AquaForce M Series

AquaForce M Series

AquaForce M Series Motor

Horsepower: 1-15 HP*
Speeds: Up to 6,000 RPM
Design Voltages: 24-96V
Efficiency: Up to 90%
Stator OD Sizes: 84 mm | 107 mm | 135 mm | 180 mm

*Active cooling may be required

Nidec's know-how can propel your company further and faster in the electric marine motor market with the help of our vast technological expertise and massive global manufacturing footprint. Nidec's AquaForce™ M series of fully enclosed, brushless DC high efficiency propulsion motors can streamline your efforts to rapidly go to market. For more information, please take a look at our brochure or Contact Us.

Product Features & Benefits

  • High torque density and high efficiency for extended battery life
  • Optimized motor design for quiet operation
  • Customizable to fit OEM design
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Optional encapsulated winding
  • Options for gearboxes, controls and sensors available
  • Machine wound for high reliability
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