NT HST Series

Brushless DC motor platform with proven reliability and performance

NT HST Series

Rated Torque: 400 oz-in
Speed Range: Up to 6000 rpm
Power: Up to 750 Watts
Mounting: NEMA 23
Rated Voltages: 12Vdc – 48Vdc
Encoder Options: 100 – 2048 line encoders

Nidec Motion’s NT HST Series offers a durable and reliable platform for a wide range of applications. With over 1.5 million hours of combined life and reliability testing, the NT HST Series has a reputation of being a robust and customizable motor solution. The NT HST is well suited for most servo applications that demand low rotor inertia; a fast, dynamic response; and high torque in a small package.

The NT HST series also incorporates standardized modules that help facilitate high volume pricing for low volume orders. The tested and proven design can help you reduce the time needed to validate your designs. Input options include PWM, analog (speed potentiometer or 0-5V control), as well as external motor controls. For additional technical information please refer to the NT HST Series product data sheet or Contact Us.

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