RoHS / REACH Restricted Products

RoHS / REACH Restricted Products

The products shown in the table below contain lead solder and therefore do not meet the requirements of EU Directive 2011/65/EU on the restriction of hazardous substances in electrical / electronic equipment (RoHS) effective from 22nd July 2019.

They are supplied within the UK and EU only for use as part of excluded applications such as “largescale stationary industrial tools” and “large-scale industrial installations”. It is the responsibility of the user to  that the product is used in a way that complies with UK and EU law. 

RoHS / REACH non-compliant variable speed drives

Product line  Description 
Unidrive-SP size 0
Performance AC Drive
Digitax ST
Servo Drive
Digitax SF
Compact Servo Drive
Digitax HD
High performance Servo Drive
HVAC Drive
Unidrive-M M600, M700, M701, M702, HS70, HS71, HS72
Performance AC Drive
Unidrive-M M100, M101, M200, M201, M300, M400, HS30
General purpose drive
Elevator Drive E200 / E300 
Elevator Drive
Powerdrive F300
Flow Drive
Pump Drive F600
Pump Drive
HVAC Drive H300
HVAC Drive

View Control Techniques' full position statement concerning the EU REACH Regulation here.

Further information on equipment that is excluded from the RoHS Directive can be found on the EU website:

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22nd February 2023 

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