Building Automation Drives

Control Techniques drives for automatic control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

Building Automation Drives

Building Automation drives are intended to seamlessly interface with a complete building automation system. They contain the common building automation protocols that allow easy integration with new or existing building controls. The drives also contain the features desired for the HVAC industry to make their integration possible.

Features such as fire mode, real time clock and internal PID control allow the functionality desired by an integrated building control.

The Building Automation capabilities are provided by both the Affinity drives which have been a stalwart since 2007 and the new HVAC Drive H300


Control Techniques Building Automation Drives:

HVAC Drive H300 - Building Automation Drive (1.0 hp – 450 hp)

Robust, compact drive designed to meet the needs of consultants, design engineers, contractors and owners of commercial buildings.

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