HVACR General Purpose Drives

HVACR General purpose variable frequency AC drives

HVACR General Purpose Drives

Control Techniques' Commander series of variable frequency AC drives provide cost-effective, easy-to-use motor control for fan, pump and compressor applications.

What are HVAC general purpose drives?

Variable frequency drives built for HVAC applications maximizes energy savings, modulating the speed of fans, pumps and compressors. Control Techniques' Commander inverter drives include Dynamic Volts/Hertz control for energy optimization.

What are the benefits of general purpose drives for HVACR?

The new Commander C200 variable frequency drive for HVAC applications has all features built-in:

  • Easy to install and setup: just 3 steps are required to run your motor;
  • On board PLC & PID functionality for low cost local process control;
  • Supply Loss Ride Through will keep the drive up and running through most power disturbances;
  • On board EMC filters and power reactors for hassle free installations.
Variable frequency drives flexible to your HVACR needs!

Typical HVACR applications include: ventilation fans, cooling tower fans, smoke extraction fans, general circulation fans, booster pumps and compressors.

Control Techniques HVACR General Purpose Drives:
commander c200 hvacr variable frequency drives 

Commander C200 - AC Drive, 0.33 hp - 200 hp (0.25kW - 132kW)

Flexible process control integration through communications

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Legacy Products:

Commander HSK


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