Advanced User Guides

Advanced User Guides

Digitax HD M751 Power Installation and Technical Guide

Digitax HD M75X Power and Technical Installation Guide is the go-to guide for comprehensive guidance and information on installing, configuring and commissioning your Digitax M751 into your system architecture. Further details found in the M75X Power and Technical Installation Guide includes:

  • Safety information
  • Drive rating details and operating modes
  • Drive dimensions for 3 frame sizes
  • Fitting of accessories, kits and modules to your Digitax HD
  • UltraFlow™ ventilation, plus additional enclosure and airflow calculations
  • Electrical installation, operation with control terminals
  • Setup of connectivity for standalone or modular architectures
  • EMC installation requirements and compliance, plus filter sizing and technical data
  • Derating information
  • Routine maintenance
  • Cables and protection requirements

It is advised that the appropriate M75X Power and Technical Installation Guide is used in conjunction with the appropriate Control User Guide when carrying out an advanced installation of Digitax HD.

Digitax HD M751 Control User Guide

Digitax HD M751 Control User Guide provides detailed information for drive setup and performance optimisation. Details found in the M751 Control User Guide includes:

  • Electrical control connectivity, I/O to feedback devices
  • Setup and Commissioning (optimisation for maximum performance)
  • Data storage and uploading (SD card operation)
  • Onboard PLC functionality
  • EIA-485 Serial Communication
  • Advanced Menu Parameter list and diagrams
  • Diagnostics information
Digitax HD M751 Parameter Reference Guide

The Parameter Reference Guide gives an explanation including diagrams for every parameter in every menu of Digitax HD. It is available for various operating modes with or without sensor feedback including Open Loop Mode, RFC-A Mode (for asynchronous induction motors) and RFC-S Mode (for synchronous permanent magnet motors) parameter sets. Includes onboard advanced motion controller menu descriptions.

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