Motion Made Easy®

Configure motion control applications within minutes

Motion Made Easy®

Configure motion control applications within minutes.

Motion Made EasyMotion Made Easy® is a cost effective solution providing simple, fast and effective servo motion control. Our solutions are PLC agnostic! With our open architecture, brand compatibility is built-in, which simplifies integration into existing applications.

Get to revenue faster with the 3 elements of Motion Made Easy®:

  1. PTi210 Integration Module
  2. PowerTools Studio Software
  3. Servo Drive (Digitax HD and/or Unidrive M700)
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Easily configure your desired motion control profile in PowerTools Studio and upload it to your Digitax HD or Unidrive M700 servo drive via our snap-in PTi210 Integration module. Simple configuration and programming is accomplished through an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) using:

  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Point-and-click
  • Drop-down menu selections
  • Drag-and-drop parameters & I/O assignments

You also have instant access to all motion parameters through the project tree view.

Download PowerTools Studio Software


PowerTools Studio and the five steps to Motion Control

Motion Made Easy Flyer

Motion Made Easy Flyer

Download the Motion Made Easy Flyer



Digitax hd Brochure

Digitax hd Brochure

Download the Digitax hd Brochure



New Unidrive Brochure

Unidrive Brochure

Download the Unidrive AC Drives Brochure



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