FM-3E Programming Module

Programming function module

The FM-3E Ethernet Programming Module transforms EN and MDS drives into fully programmable, single-axis motion controllers and adds 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs. Profibus (FM-3PB) and DeviceNet (FM-3DN) options are also available.

For information on FM-3DN (DeviceNet) and FM-3PB (Profibus), see the Options tab on this page.

The FM-3E Ethernet Programming Module allows the user to create programs to sequence motion, I/O control and other machine operations in one environment. Used in conjunction with the Assignments or “virtual wiring” feature, these programs provide the user with a powerful and easy-to-use programming environment.

  • Features
    • User-defined Units for Distance, Velocity, Acceleration/Deceleration and Torque
    • User Programs
    • Synchronized Motion
    • Global and Index PLS’s
    • S-Curve Acceleration and Deceleration
    • User Variables
    • Analog Input
    • Supports 57 Indexes
    • Ethernet (-3E), DeviceNet (-3DN ) or Profibus (-3PB) Options
    • Software Oscilloscope
    • Auto-Tune

    With removable terminal block connectors for I/O and a pluggable sync cable for master encoder connections, setup of the FM-3E hardware is quick and clean. For diagnostics, the LCD keypad display on the front of the module gives the user a quick and handy way to change parameters, monitor feedback parameters, check module and drive revisions, change baud rates, view I/O states, and much more! Profibus (FM-3PB) and DeviceNet (FM-3DN) options are also available.


    FM-3E Programming Module

     FM-3E Application Examples

    • Tension control
    • Flying cut off 
    • Auger filler 
    • Registration control 
    • Slip compensation


  • Specifications

    Logic I/O Supply
    +10 to 30 VDC, 0.75A

    Control Inputs

    • Digital: (8) +10 to 30 VDC, 2.8 kOhm, Sourcing, Optically isolated
    • Pulse: Differential: RS422, 2 MHz/ Channel, 50% Duty Cycle

    Control Outputs

    • Digital: (4) +10 to 30 VDC, 150 mA, Sourcing, Optically isolated
    • Pulse: Differential: RS422 and TTL compatible, 20 mA/Channel, Sink
      or Source


    • Ambient Temperature: 32º to 122ºF (0 to 50ºC) for rated performance
    • Vibration: 10 to 2000 Hz @ 2 g
    • Humidity: 10 to 95% non-condensing
    • Storage Temperature: -13º to 167ºF (-25º to 75ºC)
    • Ingress Protection: IP-20

    Module Weight
    0.5 lb (0.23 kg)

  • Options

    DeviceNet/FM-3DN (Optional)

    • Power Consumption: 25 mA
    • Baud Rates: 125, 250 and 500 kbps
    • Node Addresses: 00-63
    • Messaging: Explicit, Polled I/O, Change of State, Strobed and Cyclic
    • Connection: 5-wire terminal block

    Profibus/FM-3PB (Optional)

    • Baud Rates: Up to 12 Mbps
    • Node Addresses: 1-127
    • Messaging: Cyclic
    • Connector: DB9

    Ethernet (Optional)

    • Data Rate: 10/100 base T
    • Messaging: Modbus TCP/IP, EtherNet/IP, SMTP, and HTTP
    • Connector: RJ45
  • Downloads
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