Control Accessories

For more information on all control accessories including those not listed here see our Options & Accessories brochure. You will find additional data for all options and accessories including: interconnect components, CTNet drive network components, motion synchronization accessories, logic and I/O power supplies.

For Operator Interfaces and HMI information please see the Operator Interfaces and HMI page.

Use the following link to view lists of support download files for Control  Drawings and Accessories Drawings.

  • Drive Integration with CTNet
    Deterministic Distributed Control

    Control Techniques’ CTNet interface enables users to leverage the capabilities of the Unidrive SP, Digitax ST-P, Mentor MP and Quantum MP applications coprocessor modules, for real-time decentralized control. CTNet was developed specifically for highly dynamic applications, over trunk lengths generally exceeding 300ft, using proven Token Ring data link technology.

    CTNet is a “decentralized peer-to-peer” system (requiring no master PLC controller) with each intelligent node taking its turn to control the network and communicate directly, and in real-time, with other network nodes at data transfer rates of up to 5Mbits/sec. CTNet supports up to 255 nodes and provides an intelligent drive-oriented approach to systems integration based on decentralized control, universal communications and graphical software.

    Decentralized Drives Control Solution

    CTNet is a comprehensive line of equipment enabling the design engineer to create high-performance and cost effective decentralized drives control solutions. CTNet fieldbus is a 5Mbit Token Ring network that supports peer-to-peer communications.

    Utilizing the field-proven ANSI/ATA 878.1 ARCNET standard as a foundation, CTNet includes a custom protocol stack that supports cyclic data and non-cyclic “one-shot” transactions. The CTNet fieldbus employs a transformer-isolated physical layer to allow use of a convenient, easy-to-install, two-wire shielded, nonpolarized cable.

    Application Coprocessor Platforms

    SM-Applications Plus / SM-Register Option Modules

    SM-Applications Plus and SM-Register snap-in coprocessors include CTNet high-speed peer-to-peer fieldbus connectivity. These CTNet-equipped coprocessors are based on a high performance microprocessor with up to 384KB of program storage and 80KB of variable storage for user applications. In addition to the CTNet fieldbus, serial ports are available for RS485 communications. The coprocessors also include a built-in counter-timer unit and position controller capability.

    For information on CTNet including downloads see either our SM-Applications Plus or SM-Applications Lite V2 page.

  • Interconnect Components
    • Operator interface single-drop cables
    • Operator interface multi-drop cables
    • Operator interface software cables
    • Software interface single-drop cables
    • Software interface multi-drop cables
  • Logic and I/O Power Supplies

    2.1 Amp, +24 Vdc, universal input
    90 to 264Vac
    Epsilon, MDS

    5 Amp, +24Vdc, universal input
    90 to 264Vac
    Epsilon, MDS, Unidrive SP size 6, Commander SK size 6

    10 Amp, +24Vdc, universal input 90 to 264Vac
    Epsilon, MDS, Unidrive SP size 6

  • Motion Synchronization Components

    Control Techniques provides hardware for easy configuration of motion synchronization. Pre-configured cables are available for connection from a master synchronization encoder to drive connections. Each servo drive family is equipped with a buffered encoder output connection.

    The Epsilon EP drive comes standard with incremental encoder synchronization input and output connections. The Digitax ST and Unidrive SP use the SM-Universal Encoder Plus Option Module which allows the use of several compatible feedback devices.

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