Drive Keypads & Storage Devices

Control Techniques keypads provide easy, direct access to the drive settings without the need for additional equipment.

Parameter storage devices allow drive settings to be backed-up and transfered from one drive to another.

CI Keypad LCD

Plain text multi-language LCD keypad for the Unidrive M400

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KI Keypad LCD

for an enhanced user experience, for Unidrive M600-M702 and HS70

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KI Keypad RTC

for accurate time stamping of events and aiding quick resolution

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Remote Keypad

meets NEMA 4 (IP66) rating, for Unidrive M200-M702, HS30 and HS70

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Remote Keypad RTC

Remote mountable LCD keypad, meets NEMA 12/IP54 ratings

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SD card interface for saving drive parameters, for Commander...

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AI Smart Adaptor

Optional adaptor with built-in 4 GB memory to save drive...

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SD Smartcard Adaptor

Optional adaptor provides an interface for use of a SD card using...

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Memory device that can be used to back up parameter sets and PLC...

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Smartcard 64

Easy-to-Use 64 K card used for backing up and cloning parameters...

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MP Keypad

multi-lingual, hot-pluggable, backlit LCD display for Mentor MP...

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SM Keypad

a high-brightness LED keypad for Unidrive SP (except frame size...

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