SM Keypad Plus

SM-Keypad Plus is a multi-lingual, hot-pluggable, backlit LCD display

SM-Keypad Plus is a multi-lingual, hot-pluggable, backlit LCD display. The keypad provides full parameter descriptions and features a help button to access more detailed parameter information.

The keypad text can be customized to provide application-specific information using a dedicated software tool.

An access pass code can be set to prevent unauthorized access.

The main features of the Keypad Plus are as follows:
  • Remote mountable
  • Parameter description displayed
  • Parameter help displayed
  • Application module parameter browsing
  • Fast editing/scrolling of parameters
  • Additional drive security
  • Customizable Favorites filter
  • User defined screensaver
  • Customizable parameter/help text strings.
  • Various languages support.
Drive Compatibility

The compatibility table below highlights which Control Techniques drives support this keypad

Unidrive SP

(except FRAME 0)

Quantum MP Digitax ST*  Mentor MP
 * these drives support remote mounting of this keypad only.

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