Inputs Outputs Option Modules

option modules for connection to various digital and analog I/O points

Control Techniques offers a wide range of input and output option modules that can be used to supplement the drives standard I/O for applications where the drive is used as the automation controller. Click in options are available as high density digital I/O or mixed I/O comprising analog and digital I/O.

Remote I/O

A flexible CTNet connected remote modular I/O system can be used to extend the automation capabilities of Control Techniques drives.

SI-I/O option module

SI-I/O interface module increases the number of I/O points on a...

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SI-I/O 24 Plus

High Density I/O

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SM IO 120V

Module that provides digital I/O rated to 120Vac

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SM IO 24V Protected

Overvoltage protected I/O module

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SM-IO 32

Extended digital I/O, adding 32 digital high speed bi-directional...

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SM-IO Lite

Extended I/O interface with reduced functionality

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NAMUR standard I/O interface with high speed I/O

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SM-IO Plus

Extended I/O interface to increase the number of I/O points on a...

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SM IO Timer

Extended I/O option module with real time clock.

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Flexible I/O system for remote connectivity

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