MDS Series

Modular Drive System for Multi-axis Servo Drive Solutions

MDS Series

4.0 A – 34.0 A rms (8.0 A – 68.0 A peak)

230 V | 460 V

The Modular Drive System (MDS) is a powerful and cost effective solution for applications with multiple axes. The MDS utilizes a unique backplane architecture that provides a common bus platform for one of three sizes of power modules and up to eight drive modules.

The MDS modules can operate on a 230V or 460Vac input. Plus, there are five different sizes of drive modules to meet the needs of almost any multiple axis application. FM control modules provide MDS drives with “snap-in” functionality for indexing (FM-2), programming (FM-3E) and advanced programming (FM-4E). This modular approach allows users to choose the level of advanced machine control they need based on the application's requirements.

As part of our "buy what you need" philosophy, the MDS motion functionality is easily scalable by adding on FM modules.

  • Features

    Whether the drives are utilized in base drive only applications or with a closed loop controller, setup can be achieved in just minutes with our Microsoft Windows®-based PowerTools Pro software. The use of a State-Space algorithm makes tuning very simple and forgiving. 


    Base drive features include:
    • Programmable I/O
    • 5 optically-isolated inputs (1 dedicated)
    • 3 optically-isolated outputs
    • 1 analog input ±10 VDC, 14-bit
    • 2 analog output ±10 VDC, 10-bit 
    • Programmable encoder output, (up to 8,192 lines per revolution) 
    • Separate stop and travel limit deceleration ramps 
    • Torque, Travel, Following Error and velocity limits 
    • 8 user defined speed presets with individual acceleration/deceleration rates 
    • 2 Programmable Torque Level Outputs 
    • In Motion Velocity Output 
    • Software Oscilloscope
    • Position Tracker™ – Analog Mode 
    • Analog Torque Mode 
    • Analog Velocity Mode 
    • Digital Velocity Preset 
    • Pulse Mode
    • Pulse/Pulse
    • Pulse/Direction
    • Pulse/Quadrature 
    • Summation of Analog Velocity and Digital Velocity 
  • Specifications
    Power Requirements

    AC Input Voltage: 3Ø, 187 to 528 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz
    (460 VAC for rated performance)

    AC Input Current
    MP-1250: 17 Arms (15A @ 100 ms soft start)
    MP-2500: 35 Arms (15A @ 100 ms soft start)
    MP-5000: 70 Arms (15A @ 100 ms soft start)

    Output Continuous Current
    MD-404: 4 Arms/2.8 Arms (5 kHz/10 kHz)
    MD-407: 7 Arms/5 Arms
    MD-410: 10 Arms/6.5 Arms
    MD-420: 20 Arms/14 Arms
    MD-434: 34 Arms/22 Arms
    (Current ratings the same for 460V or 230V

    Output Peak Current
    MD-404: 8A/5.6A (5 kHz/10 kHz)
    MD-407: 14A/10A
    MD-410: 20A/13A
    MD-420: 40A/28A
    MD-434: 68A/44A
    (Current ratings the same for 460V or 230V

    Continuous Output Power
    (Ratings based on 5 kHz, 460V/230V operation)
    MP-1250: 12.5 kW/6.25 kW
    MP-2500: 25 kW/12.5 kW
    MP-5000: 50 kW/25.0 kW
    MD-404: 3.3 kW/1.7 kW
    MD-407: 5.8 kW/2.9 kW
    MD-410: 8.3 kW/4.2 kW
    MD-420: 16.7 kW/8.4 kW
    MD-434: 28.3 kW/14.2 kW

    Switching Frequency: 5 or 10 kHz
    Logic Supply: +21.6 to 26.4 VDC, (Required Accessory)
    Encoder Supply Output: +5 VDC, 250 mA
    System Efficiency: 90%



    Internal Energy Absorption—System Bus Capacitance
    Power Modules (460V/230V):
    MP-1250: 110 Joules / 236 Joules
    MP-2500: 183 Joules / 393 Joules
    MP-5000: 293 Joules / 629 Joules

    Drive Modules (460V/230V):
    MD-404: 8 Joules / 17 Joules
    MD-407: 17 Joules / 37 Joules
    MD-410: 26 Joules / 55 Joules
    MD-420: 37 Joules / 79 Joules
    MD-434: 37 Joules / 79 Joules

    Integral Transistor connected to an external resistor:
    MP-1250: 30 Ohm minimum, 6 kW max
    MP-2500: 30 Ohm minimum, 6 kW max
    MP-5000: 9 Ohm minimum, 12 kW max
    I/O Supply: +10 to 30 VDC

    Power Module Control Inputs
    Digital:(2) +10 to 30 VDC, 2.8 kOhm, Sourcing, Optically Isolated

    Power Module Control Outputs
    Digital:(6) Digital: +10 to 30 VDC, 150 mA, Sourcing, Optically isolated
    Relay Contact:(1) AC Interlock, 24 VDC, 5A

    Drive Module Control Inputs
    Analog: (1) Analog: +/- 10 VDC 14 bit, 100 kOhm, Differential
    Analog Max Input Rating: +/- 14 VDC, Differential or Each Input with Reference to Analog Ground
    Digital: (5) +10 to 30 VDC, 2.8 kOHm, Sourcing, Optically isolated
    Pulse: (1) Pulse, Differential: RS422, 2 MHz/Channel, 50 % Duty Cycle (1) Pulse, Single
    Ended: TTL Schmitt

    Drive Module Control Outputs
    Analog: (2) +/- 10 VDC 10-bit, single ended, 20 mA
    Digital: (3) +10 to 30 VDC, 150 mA, Sourcing, Optically isolated
    Motor OverTemperature: (1) 0 to +5 VDC, single ended
    Pulse: Differential: RS422 and TTL compatible, 20 mA/Channel, Sink or Source

    Cooling Method
    MP-1250: Convection
    MP-2500: Integral Fan
    MP-5000: Integral Fan
    MD-404: Convection
    MD-407: Integral Fan
    MD-410: Integral Fan
    MD-420: Integral Fan
    MD-434: Integral Fan


    Rated Ambient Temperature: 32° to 104°F (0° to 40°C)
    Maximum Ambient Temperature: 32° to 122°F (0° to 50°C) with power derating of 3.5% / 1.8°F (1°C) above 104°F (40°C)
    Rated Altitude: 3280’ (1000 m)
    Maximum Altitude: For altitudes >3280’ (1000 m) derate output by 1%/328’ (100 m)
    Vibration: 10 to 2000 Hz @ 2g
    Humidity: 10 to 95% non-condensing
    Storage Temperature: -13° to 167° (-25° to 75°C)
    Ingress Protection: IP-20

    Serial Interface
    RS232/RS485 Modbus RTU - 9600 to 19.2 kBaud
    Internal RS232 to RS485 Converter

    Power Module Weight
    MP-1250: 8.35 lb (3.78 kg)
    MP-2500: 8.35 lb (3.78 kg)
    MP-5000: 10.25 lb (4.65 kg)

    Drive Module Weight
    MD-404: 8.35 lb (3.78 kg)
    MD-407: 8.35 lb (3.78 kg)
    MD-410: 8.35 lb (3.78 kg)
    MD-420: 10.25 lb (4.65 kg)
    MD-434: 12.0 lb (5.44 kg)

  • Options

    FM control modules provide EN drives with “snap-on” functionality for Indexing (FM-2), Programming (FM-3E), and Advanced Programming (FM-4E). This modular approach allows users to choose the level of advanced machine control they need, based on the applications parameters and not the drive “spec”.

    For applications requiring traditional multi-axis control, our MC controller is easily integrated with a single cable connection. These modules are programmed using the our PowerTools Pro software.

    FM Modules
    FM and motion controllers 

    FM-2 Indexing Module

    The FM-2 module enhances EN drives by adding positioning capability including Jog, Home, Index functions including Position Tracker™ – Fieldbus Indexing. The FM-2 also includes additional I/O providing 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs.
    FM and motion controllers

    FM-3E Programming Module

    The FM-3E Ethernet module transforms the EN into a fully programmable single-axis motion controller, and adds 8 digital inputs and 4 digital outputs. Profibus (FM-3PB) and DeviceNet (FM-3DN) options are also available.

    FM and motion controllers

    FM-4E Advanced Programming Module

    The FM-4E Advanced Programming module has taken all of the features and flexibility of the FM-3E, and added the ability to create complex motion profiles for sophisticated applications.

    Required Accessory

    The MDS requires an external logic supply to power the internal logic of the Power Module and Drive Modules. Use the table provided to determine the current requirements of the application.  




    Power Module





    Drive Module 








    FM Module 


    0.40/FM Module 

     Synchronization Feedback Encoder



    Control Techniques offers the following 24 VDC logic-I/O power supplies:

    MLP-00 2-00
    2.1 Amp, +24 VDC, universal input 90 to 264 VAC.
    MLP-00 5-00
    5 Amp, +24 VDC, universal input 90 to 264 VAC.
    10 Amp, +24 VDC, universal input 90 to 264 VAC.


    Additional MDS Options and Accessories

    Control Techniques provides a complete array of options and accessories to complete your system.

    Brake Relays

    Breakout Board
    ECI-44, DEMO-FMIO-000, DEMO-DRIO-000


    Logic Supplies
    MLP-002-00, MLP-005-00, MLP-010-00

    External Shunts/Resistors
    (see Power Accessories)

    AC Line Filters
    MF-1250-20 (MP-1250), MF-2500-35 (MP-2500),
    MF-5000-65 (MP-5000)

    AC Line Reactor
    MLR-2580-00 (MP-5000)
    Consult Factory for AC Line Reactors used on
    MP-1250 and MP-2500

    Motor Power Filter: MPF-002-00, MPF-003-00

    Synchronization Encoders: SCSLD-4, SCSLD-4R

    Operator Interface: CTVue, OIT, CTIU

    Extended Warranty: Extends Two Year Warranty to Five Years

    Drive interface units - Communications
    Operator Interfaces and HMI

    The powerful CTVue HMI (Human Machine Interface) line and integrated drivers for Control Techniques drives make it easy to integrate HMI with CT drives

  • Software
    Commissioning and monitoring software

    PowerTools Pro - Advanced motion control programming

    Advanced motion control programming for Unidrive SP (with the SM-EZMotion module) and Digitax ST-Z drives and Epsilon EP, FM-3E and FM-4E modules

    Analysis Software 
    CT Size software

    CTSize - Drive sizing software

    CTSize is an easy-to-use servo sizing software package that helps you size your application using a step-through process

    HMI Software
    CTVue HMI software

    CTVue HMI Software

    Control Techniques CTVue human interface software tool enables the operator to easily configure drive-related control variables.


  • Downloads

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