NT Motors

Compact servo motors

NT Motors

7.5 lb-in – 56 lb-in (22.5 A – 166 A Peak)

0.85 Nm – 6.3 Nm (2.54 Nm – 18.75 Nm Peak)

230 V

The NT Motor is an economical, high performance servo motor manufactured to maximize torque and minimize size. The NT motor uses powerful Neodymium magnets and is manufactured with a segmented core to maximize stator efficiency and further reduce size.

NT servo Motor performance chart

  • Features
    • Very low inertia for applications that demand high acceleration and cycle rates
    • English (NEMA 23 or 34) or Metric (IEC-72-1) flanges
    • With or without holding brakes
    • The standard encoder resolution is 2048 lines per rev.
    • 1 meter Flying Leads with MS connectors or Direct Connect*
    • NT motors can be ordered with MS style connectors, 1 meter Flying Leads or
    • All models are rated IP65 - with IP67 optional
    • Medium inertia options
    • White epoxy finish option

    NT motors are now available with direct motor to drive connector terminations

  • Downloads
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