Superseded Products

Superseded Control Techniques servo motors

Superseded AC Servo Motors

Service and Repair

These pages contain information to support Control Techniques legacy products, these are products that are no longer in volume production. While these may not be available new, it is likely that we can still repair and service them.

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You may wish to upgrade to Control Techniques current range of servo motors, this process is usually painless and can provide a longer term reliability and performance enhancements. The following table provides a summary of the recommended upgrade path:


BL Motors

DX Motors

NT Motors or Unimotor hd

 Unimotor fm Unimotor hd
Unimotor UM/EZ Unimotor hd
MG Motors Unimotor hd
MH Motors Unimotor hd


Click on the links below for data, documentation and software for superseded products:
BL Motors

Superseded servo motor BL Motors

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DX Motors

Superseded servo motor DX Motors

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MG Motors

Superseded servo motor MG Motors

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MH Motors

Superseded servo motor MH Motors

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Unimotor fm

Superseded Servo Motor Unimotor fm

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Unimotor UM EZ

Superseded Servo Motor Unimotor UM/EZ

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