Digistart D2

The Complete, Compact Motor Start Solution

Digistart D2

5 hp - 150 hp
200 - 575 Volts

The smallest and easiest to use Digistart D2 series sets up with simple potentiometer adjustments. It has one of the smallest foot prints available and includes a built-in bypass contactor, which allows smaller, non-ventilated enclosures, making it ideal for MCC applications. Digistart D2

Applications for digital soft starter Digistart D2

Digistart D2 is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Conveyors
  • Fans
  • Pumps (Centrifugal & Submersible)

Digistart D2- Compact Digital Soft Starter with Motor Protection

The Digistart D2 is among the most compact constant current/current ramp soft starters available. The built in bypass contactor eliminates heat dissipation and energy losses by bridging out the power devices once the motor is at full speed. This eradicates the need for external bypass contactors saving panel space, simplifying installation and allowing the use of non-ventilated enclosures.

Digistart D2 units can be mounted side-by-side and are DIN rail mountable up to 60 A. This is ideal where multiple soft starters are required such as in motor control centers.

  • Motor Current Protection
  • Universal Input Voltage (200-575 VAC)
  • Compact Design, Smallest Footprint
  • Built-in Bypass Contactor
  • DIN Rail Mounting Up To 60 A
  • 2 Wire or 3 Wire Start Stop Control Circuit
  • Modbus, Profibus and DeviceNet Options
  • Remote Operator Option
  • Constant Current Start
  • Current Ramp Start
  • Equi-Vec™ Balanced Vector Control Technology

  • Options

    Digistart D2 options include remote keypad and communication modules:

     Digistart CS Keypad


    Remote Keypad Kit (remote operator & Serial Interface Module)

    Finger Guard 


    Finger guard provide IP20/NEMA1 protection for larger models


    Drive interface units - Communications


    Modbus Interface Module


    Profibus Interface Module.


    DeviceNet Interface Module


    USB Interface Module.

     Drive interface units - Communications

    Operator Interfaces and HMI

    The powerful CTVue HMI (Human Machine Interface) line and integrated drivers for Control Techniques drives make it easy to integrate HMI with CT drives

    Learn More

  • Software
    Programming software
    Digistart Soft - Soft starter management software

    Digistart Soft allows you to read, save and load soft starter configuration settings (A USB or Modbus interface is required).

    Learn More

    HMI software
    CTVue HMI software
    CTVue HMI Software

    Control Techniques CTVue human interface software tool enables the operator to easily configure drive-related control variables.

    Learn More

  • Downloads
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