Control Techniques software tools for commissioning, programming, connectivity and PLC

Control Techniques Software

Control Techniques' complimentary software tools make it easier to access the full feature set of a variable frequency drive or servo drive.

This Windows-based software allows the user to optimize drive tuning, back-up the configuration, configure the on-board automation and motion controller and setup the drive-to-drive communications links.

Analysis Software

CT Energy Savings

Energy savings optimizing software

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CT Harmonics Estimator Software

supply-side harmonics estimator

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Programming Software

PowerTools Studio

Advanced motion control programming for PTi210 integration module

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Machine Control Studio Software

Programming Tool

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PowerTools Pro Servo Software

Complete programming software for servo applications

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Fast user program editor for Control Techniques drives

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System programming toolkit for drive automation systems

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Digistart Soft

Soft Starter Programming Software

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Connectivity Software


OPC compliant server

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Commissioning Software

Control Techniques Connect Software

Commissioning software tool

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CTSoft Commissioning Software

Drive configuration tool for Control Techniques drives

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CTScope Software

Real-time software oscilloscope

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HMI Operator interface

HMI Software

HMI Operator Interface Configuration Software

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