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HMI Operator Interface Configuration Software

HMI Software

Control Techniques' makes it easy to program our broad range of HMI solutions. The new HMI software is a straightforward programming and configuration software tool for the complete line of HMIs.

Easily create your customized machine interface with this configurator software!
Please see the “Downloads” TAB below for links to the previous CTVue Configurator.

For more about the new MCh040 & MCh070 HMI panels click here.

Crimson HMI Software




Crimson 2.0 Compatible with Red Lion branded G303 and G306 HMIs

*This link takes you to Red Lion’s website*

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Crimson 3.0 Compatible with Red Lion branded G310 and G315 HMIs

*This link takes you to Red Lion’s website*

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  • Features

    This free simple-to-use software provides quick connection and access to all the features available, including the advanced features such as Data Logger, Web Server and Security Manager. 

    From the small CTVue-304K color touch screen to the large 15” models the CTVue Configurator software provides the same setup options and convenience of having pre-mapped drive parameters for all the Control Techniques AC, DC and Servo drive products

    This feature along with the built in image library can speed setup and commissioning of complex systems. 

    • Ethernet Connectivity
    • Multi Communication Ports
    • Protocol Converter
    • OPC Server
    • OPC Link
    • Languages/Unicode Characters
    • Symbol Library
    • Advanced Animation
    • Web Server
    • Email/SMS Notification
    • FTP Synchronization
    • FTP Server
    • Pass-Through Programming
    • Modem Connectivity
    • Security Manager
    • Non-Volatile Memory
    • USB Connection
    • Recipes & Arrays
    • Built In Compiler
    • Data Logging
    • Event Logging
    • Security Logging
    • CompactFlash
    • Emulator

    CTVue software configurator includes communication drivers for many of the popular PLC manufacturers which provides the necessary protocol conversion with minimal setup required.  

    Ordering code

    CTVUE-CONFIG-CD : Free Programming Software CD

  • Downloads
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