Motion Perfect2

Programming Software for our MC Series

Motion Perfect2

MotionPerfect2 is software for motion control programming of our MC series multi-axis controllers. The MC Series is programmed with a powerful and fast multi-tasking BASIC language. Programs are stored on the MC as full programs and use an innovative on-the-fly compiling technique.

The on-the-fly compiling technique provides all the performance benefits of compiled machine code while allowing for upload and full program access, without the need for source code download. MotionPerfect2 software is free of charge and can be obtained from our web site.

  • Features
    • Programming software for MC series
    • Project manager loads/saves programs
    • Multi-program screen editor
    • Multiple terminal windows
    • 4-Channel oscilloscope to monitor parameters & I/O
    • Axis Setup and status display
    • Automatically generate initialization program
    • Multi-program “Windows™” style screen editor
    • Display/Change Inputs, outputs and flags
    • Keypad Emulation
    • Program Debugger
    • Load and save variables/tables to PC
    • Graphical view of table data
    • Online help with MotionPerfect2 and MC basic
    • Configure and initialize distributed I/O
    • Controls to set baud rate, display, ports, etc.

    Because of true preemptive multi-tasking, 3, 7 or 14 processes can be executed within an MC controller simultaneously, depending on the model. This enables parts of a complex application to be developed, tested and run independently, even though the tasks may be sharing data and motion control hardware.

    The software packages connect using Ethernet, CTNet, Serial or USB connections. Ethernet communications allow the drives to be accessed remotely, anywhere in the world.








    PowerTools Pro





  • Downloads
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