PowerTools Pro

Complete programming software for servo applications

PowerTools Pro Servo Software

Advanced motion control programming for Epsilon EP, FM-3E and FM-4E modules, and for Control Techniques' Unidrive SP and Digitax ST-Z drives (with the SM-EZMotion Option Module).

Our complimentary PowerTools Pro software enables you to fully realize the power of our SM-EZMotion, FM modules, Epsilon EP servo systems. A familiar Microsoft® Windows™ interface provides operators and machine builders with the tools needed to access everything they need for complete servo control —PLS, Queuing, Analog-In, User Variables, High-Speed Capture, Electronic Gearing, and more.

Setup and Programming is made easy with our free, drag and drop, PowerTools Pro software which programs the entire “Motion Made Easy”™ product family. PowerTools Pro is free of charge and can be obtained from our download section.

Developing motion applications with PowerTools Pro is a simple “five step, top-down process”. The five steps are displayed within an explorer bar that allows easy navigation. Each step is configured using simple check boxes, drop down selections and drag and drop functionality.

Five steps to develop motion applications with PowerTools Pro:
  • Hardware Configuration 
  • Drive Setup 
  • I/O Setup 
  • Motion 
  • Programs

PowerTools Pro is a “BASIC”-like programming language enabling users to develop more complex applications and sequencing with functions being selected by dragging and dropping onto the work area.

Control Techniques' programming software enables you to fully realize the power of our entire servo product line including; Digitax ST, Epsilon EP, MDS and Unidrive SP. A familiar Microsoft®Windows™ interface provides operators and machine builders with the tools needed to access everything they need for complete servo control — Motion Profile Setup, User Units, Motor Auto-tune, Electronic Gearing, Network Configuration, and many other advanced features.

Note: New advanced PowerTool Pro 5.0 features are not supported on FM3 & FM4 modules, but are supported on our FM3E, FM4E modules and all other servo drive products.

Assignments – Use our "Virtual Wiring" to create programs right out of the box, without writing a single "line of code." For example; the assignment screen simply drag-and-drop the desired machine function onto the digital inputs and outputs.

Indexes – Setting up indexes is easily accomplished by filling in the screen’s blanks to create an index profile. Select from Incremental, Absolute, Registration, or Rotary Plus and Minus types. With our Position Tracker synchronization can be easily achieved by simply adjusting the time bar. Choose the time base of the index by selecting either real time or synchronized to a master.
Network – Whatever Fieldbus you are using, setting up network communications is quick and easy. Fill-in-the-blank, drag-and-drop procedures are used to get your drives communicating. PowerTools Pro diagnostics couldn’t be more intuitive, allowing real-time monitoring of the actual data being sent and received. 

Camming – Cam data is easily entered within PowerTools Pro, and the Cam graphing tool is second to none, with multiple interpolation types available.

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