Low Voltage Drives: Commander C series

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We understand why variable frequency drives are important in industrial automation environments. And we know how to make flexible and reliable drives.

To meet the demands for advanced requirements in a wide range of applications, we listened to what our customers were asking for. Flexible low voltage drives, designed to control the speed of an electric motor, to save energy and optimize energy consumption. Easy setup and high performance. Variable speed drives with an integrated PLC. Motor speed controllers for applications that require energy efficiency, such as pumping, ventilating or compressing. AC drives with overload capacity up to 180% for conveyor applications and reliable in the harsh environments of hoisting and winching.

And, of course, the new variable speed drive had to provide smooth motion with enhanced open loop control.

Hello world, meet Commander C, an AC Motor Speed Controller!

Commander C AC Drives series is designed to be a simple and compact AC motor speed controller that meets advanced requirements for a wide range of applications, general purpose to industrial automation. A reliable low voltage drives series suitable for HVAC/R, conveying, lifting, hoisting, winching and processing. By optimizing the user experience, Commander C ac motor speed controllers offer simple setup in just 3 steps.

Commander C: a VSD with On-Board PLC

The PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) was a revolutionary concept when it first appeared, 50 years ago. Providing machine control, a standalone PLC needs specialized setup and programming tools, power supplies and panel space. As technology evolved, innovation changed the industrial automation landscape. And lo and behold, variable speed drives are built with an on-board PLC.

An AC motor speed controller with an on-board PLC means saving costs and space, without needing to purchase and install a separate PLC to provide accurate machine control.

What is an Open Loop AC Drive?

An Open Loop AC Drive is a controller that varies the speed of a 3 phase electric motor without requiring a speed feedback device. Commander C controllers vary the frequency applied to the motor in order to control the motor speed. The drives also varys the motor voltage and monitors motor current in order to optimize the load energy and torque demand.

Vector Control with Rotor Flux Control

Rotor Flux Control is Control Techniques' proprietary high performance motor control algorithm. It provides enhanced dynamic motor control when compared to conventional AC Drives. The benefit is that it improves process control and machine productivity.

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