Dynamo Series

Brushless DC permanent magnet motor

Dynamo Series

Torque Range (Continuous): 10 – 50 oz-in
Speed Range: Up to 6000 RPM at 48V
Mounting: Size 17 and NEMA 23
Rated Voltages: 12Vdc – 48Vdc
Encoder Options: 100 – 1000 line available
Power: Up to 200 Watts (Higher ratings available upon request)

The Dynamo motor platform provides affordable servo control for applications in medical equipment, office automation, ATMs, mail processing, and robotics. The Dynamo is a complete package that includes an integrated encoder, as well as an integrated drive. Components can be added or removed to achieve individual price targets, but Nidec’s utilization of standardized components helps make this a very cost-effective option.

The Dynamo motor is a robust motor with Neodymium ring magnets, a stainless-steel shaft, long life ball bearing system, over 20,000 hours of design life at the rated torque, and UL Approved Class B insulation system. Standard encoder options include: 100, 250, 256 (with index), 400, and 1000-line resolution. Additional options available upon request.

For additional information please refer to the Dynamo Series product data sheet or feel free to Contact Us with any inquiries.

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