Katy Squires offers her time to mentor the workforce of the future
02 January 2024

Katy Squires, our Partner Relationship Manager, has generously volunteered her spare time to mentor the aspiring workforce of tomorrow. Recognising and nurturing potential often requires the guidance of experienced professionals, we encourage our employees to take the lead in shaping the future generation of professionals.  

Joining the company in 2023, Katy has been driving efforts to enhance partner contracts, refine governance structures, and elevate our sales strategy. As a proud alumni of Birmingham City University, Katy is passionate about giving back and sharing her industry insights with the next generation. How does the programme work? operating as a mentor in a 10-week course, Katy will be aiding students in making the right career choices for them. Concentrating on student engagement, Katy asks each attendee, ‘What do you want to get out of our sessions?’, opening the door to deeper conversations about the intersection of education and industry needs.  

Katy states “As a generation, we are meant to get smarter and a lot of that is down to the people you learn from. I want to pass on the lessons I have learnt and let the future generation make their own decisions based on that advice.” During the programme, Katy shares knowledge such as best practices, professional life talks, and practical advice in the form of CV workshops and mock interviews.  

Katy can take part in this programme through the flexible use of her volunteer days provided by the company. We recognise the importance of employee development from all avenues; not only is Katy assisting the upcoming workforce at the beginning of their careers, but she is augmenting her career pathway and broadening the skill set she can bring to her current role.