FEB 06, 2023  - FEB 08, 2023

Georgia World Congress Center, Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Visit Nidec Motor Corporation at booth B2339 in Central Hall to see the latest innovation in ECM HVAC motors, drives and controls from Nidec's U.S. MOTORS, Embraco, Control Techniques and KB Electronics brands.


Here is a sampling of the products that will be featured:


  • RESCUE EZ13® – Universal ECM Replacement:  RESCUE EZ13 is a high-efficient ECM designed as a drop-in replacement for OEM constant torque ECM. The auto rotation sensing technology automatically determines motor direction.  It's wired to the OEM equipment using the equipment's existing connections for ease of installation. No programming required.

  • RESCUE EZ16® – 16-Pin Universal ECM Replacement: The RESCUE EZ16 motor is a patented electronically commutated constant torque aftermarket motor developed for the HVAC residential/light commercial market. Equipped with an EZ Interface (EZI) box used to tune the motor at installation, it provides a drop-in solution for systems using legacy 16-pin variable speed EC motors.

  • RESCUE Select Pro™ – Preprogrammed ECM Replacement for Furnaces and Air Handlers: The RESCUE Select Pro is the aftermarket solution for OEM constant torque EC motors. With thousands of OEM performance profiles on a cloud-based web service app, the RESCUE Select Pro can be programmed directly through any smart phone or Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® enabled device.

  • RESCUE EcoTech® – PSC to ECM replacement motor. Designed to be a drop-in replacement for permanent split capacitor (PSC) motors. RESCUE EcoTech motors are multi-horsepower, dual voltage and have reversible rotation. Not wiring changes are required.

  • RESCUE EcoTech® Outdoor 48 – Developed to stand up to harsh environments and temperatures found in outdoor condensing units. The RESCUE EcoTech Outdoor 48 EC Condenser Fan Motor is programmed to match the rotation and speed most preferred by major equipment manufacturers; and offers the flexibility for adjustment to speed and rotation. 

  • SelecTech Motor® – The SelecTech Motor is a durable, easy-to-integrate Electrically commutated Motor (ECM) solution for high-efficient direct drive blower applications. The available nine discrete 24 volt tap settings are fully programmable on your assembly line for different airflow requirements. Rugged and simple to operate, the SelecTech motor is setting a new benchmark for reliable ECM technology. Includes 460V and dual shaft configurations.

  • PERFECTSPEED®  Motor - The PerfectSpeed EC Motor system is the solution to meet the increasing demand for electrically commutated motors (ECM) in modern HAC and ventilation systems. With a wide range of control options, voltages and mechanical configurations (Constant CFM, Constant Torque, or Constant Speed), the PerfectSpeed motor offers the high efficiency and precise airflow control needed in a broad array of air-moving applications, all backed  Nidec's extensive ECM experience and close application support.
  • EcoTech EC Motor - Upgrade to the performance and efficiency of an EC motor without redesigning systems! The ECOTECH® Line Voltage EC Motor provides benefits of ECM technology as a "drop-in" for most PSC-powered blowers. Five factory programmed torque or speed settings are controlled by line voltage speed taps allowing connection directly to existing controls and switches, simply and easily. The ECOTECH® EC motor is the simplest path to  advanced technology in HVAC systems.
  • ID300 Fusion™ -  The ID300 Fusion is an integrated high-performance drive solution for pumps requiring variable speed of 1HP to 10 HP drivers. All the functions of a variable speed drive are incorporated into the pump motor, simply wire up the motor, connect your communication cables and sensors, and configure the ID300 for your application.  
  • SynRA™ Motor - The SynRA variable frequency motor provides the starting benefit of an induction motor, the operating benefit of a pure synchronous reluctance motor, and suitability benefit from the simple volts/hz drive.This market-leading product gives higher efficiency and power density without risking components.
  • ID300 Perfectspeed™ - We have combined our super premium SynRA motor with our ID300 drive to create a plug-and-play integrated drive motor that performs reliably, efficiently, and is easy to install and maintain - the ID300 Perfectspeed.

  • Neptune® - The Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) Neptune motor design prevent dust and debris from harming electrical components and its aluminum construction keep the motor cooler providing higher efficiency and longer field life.

Embraco will be launching multiple solutions for commercial application refrigeration, encompassing fixed and variable speed compressors, all the way to complete cooling packages, such as condensing units

Variable and fixed speed compressors, featuring natural refrigerants for all segments and applications.

  • Variable Speed: inverter compressors, including dual voltage/frequency models with low noise and designed to operate with propane (R290). An efficient and reliable portfolio that achieves new energy food preservation regulations in the food service, medical and food retail segments. Including, the new VNEX, which has the highest energy efficiency in its class.

  • Fixed Speed (On/Off): reliable and high-efficiency models, also available in a high starting torque version and designed to support the most severe conditions in the Food Service, especially for ice machines.
Entire portfolio of condensing units: from small under counters to large specialty cases, including all the range of food retail and food service reach in. Embraco condensing units offer high-efficiency in a compact and modular design, with tailor made products for specific applications.
Full line of replacement compressorsOEM original parts and condensing units for the aftermarket segment. The Embraco portfolio is complete and reliable with strict quality standards, including options for high, medium and low temperature applications all in one compressor..

Control Techniques

  • Commander S AC Micro Drives:  The Commander S drives is the first drive available on the market with NFC technology onboard. The drive can be configured in minutes via a Smartphone with our free MARSHAL App without requiring power to be applied to the drive. The drives are IP20 rated and are backed by a complimentary 5 Year Warranty. Commander S drives are available up to 5 HP with supply voltage of 115 V, 208 – 230 V and 460 V.

  • Commander C AC Compact Drives: Commander C drives are digital communicating VFDs available with a wide range of input voltages including 575 V and power ratings up to 200 HP. The drives are IP20 rated with optional NEMA 1 kits for plenum rating and suitable for use in environments with A2L refrigerants. The extensive on-board parameters set and PLC functionality coupled with plug-in communication options including Ethernet provide low cost drive-based process control solutions.

  • H300 Building Automation Drives: The HVAC Drive H300 provides energy-efficient control of HVAC fan, pump, and compressor motors and incorporates a variety of building automation features, including a multi-speed cooling fan for whisper-quiet operation and onboard BACnet communications. H300 drives can control induction and PM motors and are available for connection to 208 – 230 V, 380 – 460 V, and 575 V supplies with ratings up to 4,200 HP. IP65 / NEMA 4X indoor rated drives are available up to 30 HP.

KB Electronics

  • KBVF 4G HybridTM AC Drives: Available in Chassis / IP20 and NEMA 4 / IP66 enclosures. KBVF drives can control multiple technology motors (Induction, BPM, PMAC, PMSM, etc.) from 208 – 230 and 400 – 460 V motors from sub-fractional through 3 HP. These hybrid drives combine microprocessor-based digital technology with an easy-to-use isolated analog interface, RS485 Modbus RTU, and Bluetooth communications for rapid installation and setup.

  • KBAC NEMA 4X / IP65 AC Drives:  These hybrid drives are housed in heavy-duty NEMA 4X / IP 65 die-cast aluminum washdown/watertight enclosures for indoor or outdoor use to control 208 – 230 V and 400 – 460 V motors from sub-fractional through 5 HP. In addition, these hybrid drives are available with a range of conventional watertight operator controls for easy manual control as well as optional Modbus communications.

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