Knife Grinding

Keeping Knives, Scissors, and Axes Sharp

Variable Frequency Drives for the Knife Grinding Industry

KB Electronics' drives, with NEMA 4X / IP65 enclosures, are especially suitable for the Knife Grinding Industry. These enclosures provide exceptional protection from the dust and metallic particles created during the various processes from the sanding belts, sanding stones, and polishers.


The knife grinding machinery also require a drive capable of providing a high level of performance with the varying speeds and the inherent high inertia loads. KB drives outperform competitor drives to safely stop the sanding belts, sanding stones, and polishers, which are part of the high inertia loads. KB drives use controlled DC Injection Braking, which, in this application, is superior to other methods; such as regenerative braking; coast-to-stop; and dynamic braking, which adds cost the system and generates heat.

With the NEMA 4X / IP65 enclosures and the DC Injection Braking, KB drives provide cost-effective solutions that do not require additional resources. These features make KB drives the best choice for many knife grinding applications.

Typical Applications:

Knife Sharpening: Collectibles, Culinary, Pocket Knives, Shop Knives, Survival Gear
Scissor Sharpening: General Purpose, Garment Industry
Axe Sharpening

Our Series of Drives:


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