Customized Design

From its simple beginning as a specialty machine shop to producing transmissions for Model A Fords — and combining small motors with speed reducers to create the first gearmotor — Merkle-Korff has a 100-year track record of designing and producing customized applications for its customers.

Merkle Korff has developed extensive design and testing programs for product improvement, new product development, new market and custom applications. Our comprehensive 3D modeling program, substantially reduces prototype lead times resulting in faster time to market. With manufacturing and design facilities in the US, Mexico and China, we provide our customers with optimal time to market product capability.

We’re ready to develop the customized application you need! Click on a link below to get started. If you prefer, you can download a specification form, complete the information and fax to us at 847.439.3963. You can also complete the form, scan it, and email to us at

  • AC Specification Form (online) | (PDF)
  • DC Specification Form (online)| (PDF)
  • BLDC Specification Form (online)| (PDF)