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Brushless DC Pellet Stove Motor

High-efficiency BLDC motor designed for long life and quiet operation. This motor is fully programmable so the end user customer can infinitely vary the speed of the fuel auger.

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A leader in precision motors and gearing for over a century

A pioneer in the development of small motors and gear motors known as "sub-fractionals", Merkle-Korff Industries has contributed to the success of countless commercial, industrial and consumer products since its founding in 1911.

Today, after a century in business, Merkle-Korff remains at the technology forefront by providing industry leading BLDC, PMDC, PSC, and AC gearmotor and motor solutions for applications in the commercial food equipment, consumer appliance, vending, pellet stove, pump, medical and other various markets.    

A proud member of the Nidec family

Merkle-Korff is a brand of Nidec, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric motors. Nidec is on the forefront of technology advancements for “Everything that Spins and Moves.” You can learn more about Nidec at www.nidec.com.



Nidec Boot at CES 2016

Scenes from Nidec's booth at the CES 2016 in Las Vegas. Booth features robotics, drones, automatic guided vehicles and human-machine interfaces.

Powering the Interconnected World

FORECYTE™, a stand-alone remote equipment monitoring platform powered by Nidec, uses battery powered wireless sensors to measure equipment vibration and temperature. This real-time data visualizes deteriorating equipment health. You can access the data anytime from anywhere using a browser on a web-enabled device.

IoT Overview

Nidec Motor Corp. IoT leaders discuss the changes equipment health monitoring and predictive maintenance will bring to industry and how FORECYTE makes this a reality.