iLD60S Integrated Motor Drive
All‑In‑One Compact Package Incorporating Motor, Encoder & Drive
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An all‑in‑one compact package, the iHD60S is an integrated unit incorporating a motor, encoder and drive. The IP54 60mm low voltage servo motor and fourth generation drive are precisely matched and fully optimized. Powered from any 20 to 60VDC power source, the iHD60S delivers up to 725W of smooth rotation and 3.46Nm peak at 2000RPM. Since there’s no cable between the motor and drive, it reduces the overall machine footprint and provides engineers with a certain amount of flexibility in their design. Plus, multiple iHD60S units can be connected and work together. This makes for easy installation and easy serviceability – all thanks to the handy, dandy iHD60S!

- Compact 60mm frame permanent magnet servo motor
- Available in front-facing or rear-facing connectors
- Built-in, high-efficiency three-phase 4th generation motor controller
- Low-voltage, 20-60VDC operation
- Available 200W (0.64Nm) and 360W (1.15Nm) continuous rating at 3000 RPM and up to 3.46Nm Peak Torque at 48V
- Integrated encoder with 4096 counts per revolution
- STO - Safe Torque Off support. Design complies with EN/IEC 61800-5-2 (Certification Pending)
- IP54 protection


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