Green Drive 2

Brushless permanent magnet motor drive

Green Drive 2

Input Voltage: 10-55 Vdc
Continuous Current: 12A
Peak Output Current: 25A
Diameter: 79.75 mm
Height: 38 mm

As part of Nidec’s diverse lineup of Ultra Low Voltage drives, the GreenDrive 2.0 features an optimized layout that easily integrates with the Nidec HRW 3.3 motor, or as a standalone drive. The GreenDrive 2.0 can be utilized to achieve accurate and precise motion control in a wide variety of applications. Support for trapezoidal or sinusoidal commutation allows for further customization.

The GreenDrive 2.0 features safety features such as: over current protection, low voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, internal thermal protection, and an external NTC connection for added protection. The drive is also able to communicate via CANopen, a 0-5V signal, and PWM.

For more information, please refer to the Green Drive 2 product data sheet or Contact Us with any inquiries.

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